How BIA Can Help Your Business Grow 30% Faster

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Everyone wants their business to grow quickly, but not everyone succeeds in doing so year after year. Sometimes growth seems to stagnate, leaving us wondering exactly what the key to business success is. How do we reach that moment of bliss when the needle begins to move in the right direction?

Is it sales and marketing, or perhaps strategy? Or is it some mystical secret that only a few know of?

growing your business is bliss

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This question is brought up in the Business is ART book, and the answer really comes down to a single equation, an acronym, to be more precise. You see, running a successful business really is an ART.

  • Articulate your vision and plans
  • Revise plans consistently
  • Track your results

The Business is ART secret is that having a formal plan can help your business grow 30 percent faster. You just have to follow the three steps above in order to create and implement one. Throughout the course of the book, each one of these three steps is covered in great detail, but there are a few quick pointers that can be said about each one of them, just to give you a push in the right direction.

Articulate Your Vision and Plans

Everything starts with your vision, which is what you dream that your company can become. This can include both long and short-term plans, and can encompass everything from your goals, the strategies you have to achieve them and how you intend to move forward with your day-to-day operations.

The most important part about your vision is that you share it with your employees. Don’t just tell it to them, write it down. Create a strategic plan that is easy for each employee to understand and most importantly, let each and every one of them know how they fit into the overall puzzle.

Once you have your vision laid out, you can begin to see how fast your company can grow by making the right strategic choices.

Revise, Revise, Revise

Running a successful business is all about being able to adapt to change. Is something that you are trying not working? Try something else. Is there a new technology on the market that is helping companies grow? Implement it. You must constantly revise everything about your strategy and your goals in order to achieve the success that you’ve been looking for.

No strategy works indefinitely.

Track Your Results

The final step in the overall process is tracking your results. It is impossible to know if and how something is working if you are not keeping up with your KPIs and performance results. So long as you can figure out what metrics are worth tracking, you can track them in order to learn how to improve them.

Is it Really This Simple?

The idea behind Business is ART really is that simple, but the real determinant is how hard you are willing to work at building your business. Running a business is an art, but it is also science and work, and only you know if you are really up to the task.

By reading the Business is ART book, using the software subscription and following all the guidelines in the “Resources” section of the website, you truly can make your business grow faster than you can imagine.

While most softwares only focus on creating overly complex business plans, the BIA software and book focus on everything from creating a vision, painting the picture of your business, strategizing, business planing and tracking your performance metrics. And does it in a simplified manner.

Growing your business all starts with your vision and ends with your determination to make it happen.

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