If You Have to Meet, Run Better Meetings

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meetingMore meetings! Ugh!

Everyone is busy. Sometimes the thought of adding another meeting to the calendar is cause for an anxiety attack. How can you get anything done when you have to go to all of these meetings?!

You’re not alone if you feel this way. A large percentage of the workforce does.

But not everyone hates meetings

There are more options for meetings than ever now, so it isn’t always a major inconvenience to attend them. There are many free or inexpensive collaboration softwares and services making it easy to attend meetings from wherever you sit.

You might not even have to put pants on since all the other attendees may potentially see is your shirt and face – unless you stand up. TMI?

Some people thrive on meetings. Need them. Enjoy them, just as much as others may hate them. Regardless of which camp you are in, there are a few tricks to make meetings more productive and less of a waste of time. Here are a few.

Have a published agenda

You’ve heard it a million times and yet you probably, right now, today, have attended, are currently attending, or are preparing to attend a meeting that has no formal agenda.

It may have a meeting title like “Discuss Lewicki Account” or “Catch-up on Recent Shit.” But it has no agenda. Usually, a result is no one knows if they should go, what or if they should prepare, what anyone hopes to get out of it, and what actually was accomplished…if anything.

An agenda also helps keep meeting attendees “on point.” If someone is running the meeting, an agenda provides them with a polite way of saying “Let’s stick to the topic at hand,” which leads to the next point…

Have someone lead the meeting

It doesn’t have to be the big cheese, and running a meeting doesn’t make you the most important person in the room. But it is important to have someone that is driving the agenda, making sure the meeting stays on track, and making sure things stay on time. Which leads to the next point…

Start and end the meeting on time

It should go without saying.

Don’t fill the room with bodies

You probably don’t need to attend every meeting you are invited to and you certainly don’t need to invite everyone and their mothers to every meeting. Create a culture in which people understand that just because they weren’t invited to a meeting, it doesn’t mean they aren’t important or not part of “the club.”

Time for everyone to put their big boy and big girl britches on and realize the world doesn’t revolve around you. Life will go on if you are not invited to a meeting. You are still loved and respected if you aren’t invited to a meeting.

Have a point to the meeting

And finally, when you publish your meeting agenda, include somewhere in there what the purpose of the meeting is. What is its objective(s)? What outcome are you looking for? Otherwise, you may as all well sit in the room together scratching your properly-panted butts.

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