What is that supposed to mean? Nothing is holding me back!

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Laura Harting – Urbana University

As discussed in a previous blog, I had the great honor of having my book used in a 300-level course on strategic management and leadership at Urbana University this semester. Last week I met with the students from the class to listen to their feedback on the book.

The following critique and testimonial was written by one of the students, Marketing and Management major Laura Harting, who gave her permission to post it in its entirety here.

Thank you very much, Laura and here’s is to a great future!

Laura’s Review

Generally, I really enjoyed using the Business is ART book.  Jon’s advice and instructions in the book felt genuine and straight from the heart. He really had a way of engaging his readers and being relatable.

The end of chapter questions were among my favorite parts. They helped me bring the things I read full circle and relate them to my own life and my future plans, along with previous experiences.

Before I began reading Business is ART, I will say I was skeptical. But what I found within the book was not what I was expecting. Not only was the book insightful, but it really brought things in my own life to my attention.

For example, in Chapter 1, the end of chapter questions talked about our vision and how we define success. This made me think about what I want in my future and the steps I need to take to get there. Thinking about my vision for my life was an eye opener. It made me realize that I had not really done any prior planning for post-graduation.

In Chapter 2, we were asked about the things that we feel are holding us back. At first I kind of brushed this question off, thinking, “What is that supposed to mean? Nothing is holding me back.”

But this is really not the case. In fact there are a lot of things that have been holding me back – a lot of that being fear of the future. I realized that my hesitation to move far away from the place I have known and loved my whole life was holding me back from some amazing career opportunities.

At the beginning of this course, my plan for graduation was to apply for jobs close to home. Now, less than a month from graduation, I have had phone interviews for out-of-state jobs and even traveled to Nashville for interviews in order to explore career opportunities.

Without Business is ART, I feel I would not have realized that my fear of the unknown was holding me back from amazing career opportunities. I realized that being tied down to next to nothing was not limiting me to stay in Ohio and close to my family. Business is ART somehow managed to get me to see things about myself that I was not seeing before opening the book.

Overall, Business is ART, and the end of chapter questions were very useful to me as a soon-to-be college graduate.

An apology

To Laura’s friends and family that may not want her to relocate…uhhhh…I’m sorry.

A note to all

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4 thoughts on “What is that supposed to mean? Nothing is holding me back!”

  1. Cate Brinnon says:

    As people of influence in the lives of students like Laura, I believe it is important to give them “permission” to fly. I believe in Laura as I believe in all of my students. Now I see that Laura believes in herself. It is amazing!

    1. Jon Umstead says:

      Makes you proud, doesn’t it?

    2. Cathy Monnig Harting says:

      Thank you so much Mrs. Brinnon for being such a great example for my daughter and supporting her. It’s amazing to see what she has accomplished through hard work and pure determination. I knew that stubbornness that drove me crazy, when she was a small child, could become an asset later in life. I’m excited to see where life takes her. Her father and I are so proud of Laura!

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