Obvious blurred lines – improve focus by unfocusing

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Have you ever heard or used the following phrases: You’re over-thinking things, or, you’re getting into analysis-paralysis.

How about: Look before you leap?

So which is it? Think and focus, or stop thinking and jump?

It strikes me as kind of funny that new research suggests it’s both. It seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it? It’s like saying “New research suggests some people like to drink beer while watching a football game.”

But here it is

But here it is. As reported in HBR. Read it for yourself: Your brain can only take so much focus.

As you’ll see in the article, you are encouraged to “unfocus” at times and that unfocusing is important to healthy focusing. Again, a little like saying, “Periodically you should stop running in order to improve your running.”

How do you unfocus? The article suggests several helpful tips, like: daydream constructively, take a nap, and pretend to be someone else. I’ve just one question. Do you have to occasionally daydream in an unconstructive manner in order to improve your constructive daydreaming?

Maybe it’s me

Maybe I’m just in one of those moods today, but, seriously. Do we have to conduct research to tell us we can’t stay focused all the time and that there is a such thing as too much focus?

Do we not know that over-focusing can result in tunnel vision?

Let’s do something real

Hey, want a constructive way to put some focus in to your business without writing a mini-novel that some people, perhaps the same ones who conducted the focus / un-focus study, would call a business plan?

Check out my book, Business is ART, available at Amazon, and stay informed on the progress of the soon-to-be released Plan Canvas, the business planning software based on the book, by signing up for my monthly newsletter.

And now if you will excuse me, I am going to go constructively daydream in the hopes I will fall asleep and imagine myself being someone else. I intend to wake up effectively and completely focused.

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