You Should Put Yourself on a PIP

July 10th, 2017 Posted by Blog Post, Business is ART 0 thoughts on “You Should Put Yourself on a PIP”

PIPI’ve been put on a Performance Improvement Plan…a PIP!!! My. Career. Is. Over.

That’s kind of what we think of a PIP, isn’t it? Because, that’s kind of what it classically is. It’s bad news. It means you really ticked someone off. It means you better meet all of the objectives defined in the PIP or you’re headed out the door.

The old CYA

From a manager’s perspective, putting someone on a PIP is the final step before freeing the employee up to pursue other opportunities. It’s a way to cover the proverbial butt to make sure there is no case to be made regarding the unfair treatment of the soon to be departing employee.

But it shouldn’t be. It should genuinely be a tool to help an employee reach his or her potential. Often, an employee struggles because goals and objectives were never made clear. It’s hard to hit a target if no one has ever told you what the target is. With a PIP, there is no question.

Why didn’t I think of that?

I was recently speaking with David Brentley and Avion Johnson of Credit Reinventors about Plan Canvas, the soon-to-be-released business planning software based on my book Business is ART, when David hit me with a “eureka moment.”

He said, “You know, what we are really talking about with this software is a perpetual performance improvement plan for the organization.”

We then talked about how PIPs have such negative connotation but really shouldn’t. We should all be on PIPs all the time because we should be striving to do better every day. But we reserve PIPs as a last ditch effort to encourage an employee to do better…duh!

We should all be on a PIP

We should be on PIPs. Our businesses and organizations should be on PIPs. All the time, not just when things have gone badly.

I can’t wait to make Plan Canvas available to you…and put you on that PIP that you so richly deserve (insert maniacal laugh here).

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