Using LinkedIn for Lead Generation

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who are youDo you use LinkedIn for lead generation?

I sat in on a free webinar by lead generation expert Doug McIsaac the other day and found it very informative. I’m not a paid spokesperson for Doug, but if you are considering a LinkedIn campaign or making it a part of your daily sales, marketing and PR strategy, you might want to check him out (

When to use LinkedIn

Doug began the webinar by talking a little bit about the various social media platforms available, and which makes the most sense under what circumstances. Of course, the first rule of thumb is use the platform your target audience is on.

But a couple of additional generic rules of thumb that Doug left us with include:

  • If you’re selling a consumer product for less than $1000, LinkedIn is not the place to be. Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram may be better choices depending on what “it” is.
  • If you are selling business to business (B2B), LinkedIn should be your primary social media platform – for a number of reasons.

The 5 Pillars of LinkedIn Lead Generation

The title of Doug’s webinar was the ‘5 Pillars of LinkedIn Lead Generation.” With his permission, they are listed here:

Pillar #1 – Know your customer

Pillar #2 – Have the right offer

Pillar #3 – Position yourself correctly (prove you are the authority)

Pillar #4 – Have a smart messaging strategy

Pillar #5 – Make it easy for them to work with you

All of these pillars make so much sense, and yet we are all prone to ignoring them from time-to-time (and some of us never catch on). Doug’s webinar really was excellent so check it out sometime for the details behind each of the pillars.

Meanwhile, let’s talk about one of them.

Know your customer

We see it all the time – good ideas, good products, good businesses – gone bad because there is no effort to really understand who the customer is. It’s not always easy.

We tend to want to think, “EVERYONE is a potential customer!”

We love what we have to offer so much that we falsely assume EVERYONE ought to love it.

But that’s just not the case. We have to take the time to really understand exactly who might be interested in what we have and – importantly – why. We have to empathize with and think like the customer.

But there is more to it

Consumers are looking for the experience as much as, if not more than, the product or service.

When you take the time to know your customer, you can tailor your message to him or her, making it much more personal than the “Hey…you….I know I got the goods you need” type of message that we see from so many businesses that are in love with their automated mass email marketing software.

Those things are an instant turn-off, even when they manage to correctly insert your name in the first sentence of the email, and use the same font as is used in the rest of the email.

But when you get to know the customer and tailor the message for that customer, their experience is already improved before they’ve ever spent a dime on your product or service. They feel like they know you because you know them.

Tell Us More

With that in mind, you’re invited to tell us about yourselves. What do you do? What makes you unique? What do you need and want? We’d love to hear your story, so please share it in the comments here or use the contact page to share it privately.



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