I’m a Small Business – Stop Using Words Like “Strategy Execution”

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One of our missions at Plan Canvas is to take big company business practices and strip them down to their simplest forms so that small business, entrepreneurs, and freelancers can use them to their benefit as well.

Why? Primarily because our purpose is to help others succeed. But more pragmatically, things are just too complicated.

When things are too complex, we don’t do them. Sometimes we can’t. So, we ignore seemingly complex things, knowing that all of the nerdy data and research in the world advises against it.

We unnecessarily put ourselves at increased risk.

What is Strategy Execution?

This article at the American Management Association (AMA) entitled “What is Strategy Execution?” by Ed Barrows does a good job of defining it.

In simple terms, Strategy Execution is envisioning what you want to do, laying out a plan to do it, doing it, seeing if what you’ve done did what you wanted it to do, then keep doing it or change what you do based on what you learned from what you did so that the next thing you do is done better.

But that’ a mouthful!

Honestly, we can’t think of a better way to say “Strategy Execution”

The trickiest part of our purpose is not in simplifying processes, templates, and tools for use outside of the world of large enterprise. We have done that and continue to simplify as we evolve.

The tricky part is saying it in language that small businesses use. That we have not yet mastered. But we are working on it.

Still, sometimes, some terms just make a lot of sense for any sized business – like “Strategy Execution.”

Sure, when we say it, we run the risk of conjuring images of killing an otherwise perfectly good business strategy. But, what we hope to conjure are images of killing it with a strategic approach to business.

Is there any better way to say it?

Somehow, “Let’s kick some butt” just doesn’t seem to do it justice. So, for now, we will stick with “Strategy Execution” and hope that you adopt it as well.

Plan Canvas Can Help

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