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Doing Nothing is a Choice

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In Business is ART, author and Plan Canvas founder, Jon Umstead tells the story of Larry, a former co-worker who used to say, “If at first you don’t succeed, keep on sucking ‘til you do succeed.”

It was Larry’s way of saying that you shouldn’t be afraid to try again. Take the leap of faith that you have learned from past experience, applied that knowledge, and are now better prepared to go after it, whatever “it” is.

Sometimes, we latch on to an idea and, no matter what, we vow to overcome any obstacle to turn that idea into a reality But often, that idea is just a fleeting moment.

Why is that?

Sometimes it just isn’t all that great an idea

The human brain is a marvel. It’s always functioning at levels we cannot understand until it ceases to function altogether. Ideas, imaginings, and creations are invented inside our heads all the time.

How many times do we hear the story of someone who got rich on one simple idea and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Or worse, “I thought of that 10 years ago. That was my idea!”

A lot of the time, the idea is just not that good to begin with. So, we let it go. Other times, it is a good idea but we still let it go.

How come?

Sometimes there is no legitimate path forward

Plans are developed not only to see the path forward, but also to identify the hurdles and road blocks along the way. You then have to make determinations like how to get over or around them and if it is possible to do so.

The trick is in making logical decisions based on reality, versus emotional decisions based on fear.

I can do this – but should I?

It is perfectly normal and even good to have fear, especially when taking leaps of faith. It is not OK to let that fear paralyze you into inaction.

Have you ever been faced with a decision that felt like a speeding truck was headed directly for you? You have no idea what lies on the left or the right side of the road. Jumping to either means jumping into the unknown. But if you continue to stand there, the truck will probably hit you. Unless it swerves. What if you jump left and the truck swerves in the same direction? What if it brakes and stops just short of hitting you?

What do you do? Maybe the jump will leave you in no better condition than had the truck hit you. Maybe you end up in the same condition you were in before you even noticed the truck barreling at you. Maybe you end up in a condition that is far better than the one you just left.

Rarely is there one right answer for any situation. There are simply choices to be made. Doing nothing is one of them.

What’s Holding You Back?

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Chapter Two of the book Business is ART is entitled “Refusing to be Constrained by the Shackles of Choreography,” which is an original way of saying, “be original.”

Just because something has been done the same way forever doesn’t mean it’s the best or only way to do it. Innovation and progress are dependent on challenging the norm.

But at its core, Chapter Two is asking one basic, impactful question. What is holding you back?

In a blog post from 1 year ago, almost to the day, we highlighted Laura Harting’s response to that question. Laura was a student at Urbana University at the time.

(see What is that supposed to mean? Nothing is holding me back. 4/27/2017)

At first, Laura found the question to almost be offensive. Nothing was holding her back. Then she thought on it more deeply and realized she actually did have some shackles of her own. Subsequently, she decided to get rid of them, as discussed in the original post.

Laura recently shared an update, and it has been an amazing year for her since shedding those shackles.

Following is an excerpt from her update:

I have always hated and feared change, even as a small child. Without the strategic management class and your book, I would have never been able to embrace change with open arms. 

In July [2017], I accepted a full time job (my first big change of pace) with a staffing agency in Cincinnati as a recruiter. Although I knew this was not my dream job, it was a start in what I thought was my HR passion.  

Just a few weeks into it, an amazing opportunity presented itself and I went out on a limb. I applied for a Graduate Assistantship position at Wittenberg University to pursue a Masters of Art in Athletic Coaching.

Being a college athlete, and coaching summer swim on the side, always made me wonder if there was something more out there in the coaching world. I applied for the position and was offered it not even a week later. I was weary because, as I’ve mentioned before, change has not always been my favorite.

In the back of my mind though, I thought of the book and that looming question, “What is holding you back?”  

I knew that I could not turn down this opportunity and took a leap of faith. I could not be happier that I embraced the new change in my life and went for what seemed somewhat unrealistic at the time. I am thriving and have succeeded as an assistant swim coach with the Men’s and Women’s swim team here at Wittenberg, along with being a student again.

I have even learned that my business degree has been an asset to my success, as running a team is a lot like running a business. 

I wanted to reach out to you and thank you. Like I stated above, if I had not learned to embrace change and realize that I in fact did have things holding me back, I would have never taken this leap of faith that has led me where I am today. Thank you for playing a part in my journey!

Best Wishes,

Laura Harting, Graduate Assistant Coach

Wittenberg University Swimming & Diving

Focusing on the Success of Others

Our purpose is to focus on the success of others. With the book Business is ART as the precursor to the Plan Canvas software, we feel that at least in this one case we got it right. And now Laura is doing the same – focusing on the success of many others. Think of the possibilities if each of us could positively impact just one life. That’s all it takes to exponentially make a difference in the world.

We are dedicating the month of May to the topic “What’s holding you back?” and would love to hear and share your stories as well. Please contact us to do so.

Meanwhile, continued best wished to Laura on her journey. We can’t wait to see where it leads.

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