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5 Things You need to Know About SEO – Part 2

June 23rd, 2016 Posted by Business is ART, Digital Marketing 0 thoughts on “5 Things You need to Know About SEO – Part 2”

SEO DefinitionSEO – Each week I identify a different theme and provide you with content, some original and some from external sources, around that theme in two separate posts.

The first post represents my thoughts, experience, advice or questions on whatever the weekly theme is. Later in the week, a second post will summarize and provide links to several articles and videos from other sources, providing additional information on the weekly theme.

In Part 1 of this post, I shared some thoughts of my own about SEO. In Part 2, I summarize and share links to external sources with information and thoughts on SEO.

On Tuesday we recorded and released the Business is ART podcast #37 – SEO – on which my guests were Ryan Berry and Chris Anders of Berry Digital Solutions and where we had an informative discussion on the topic. You can listen to it on the TrueChat Network, or by downloading the TRUECHAT app.

What Others Are Saying About SEO

Search Engine Land –  All of this talk about SEO. Do you know what it REALLY is? This quick video does a nice job explaining in simple terms.

Inc. – Everyone has at least one tip for improving your SEO. Inc. offers TWELVE from some top SEO experts. Guess what is right at the top? “Create trust.” There’s a concept that seems oft forgotten in a world in which we are bombarded with digital ads and promotions and in which seemingly everyone is a self-proclaimed online expert in something.

Inc. – As if in response to the 1 in 12 tips that is “create trust,” Inc. also ran a piece entitled “Why SEO Can Be Viewed as Snake Oil.” Not entirely undeserved but perhaps equally a bit harsh. Like anything SEO has its abusers, but it also has its virtues.

Entrepreneur – How do you attract more visitors to your site? Entrepreneur offers a few ideas in this article. I’ve heard that on social media you should use a 20 to 1 ratio of “gives” versus “asks”. The advice in this article seems to follow a similar model without coming right out and saying it. But it offers some additional information I had not really previously considered.

Entrepreneur – I know enough about SEO to know I am not and never desire to be an expert in it. It’s just not my thing. But I recognize how important it is and so outsource this need to someone who is an expert. If you are in the same boat as I am, here are 10 questions to ask when hiring an SEO consultant.

Berry Digital SolutionsHow much should you spend on your website? Here are some thoughts from some people who do it for a living.

Take Action

Whatever your thoughts, expertise or needs are on SEO, one thing is certain – you need to pay attention to it. Whether that’s you or someone you hire…it needs attention.

10 Secret Reasons You Will Read This Post

April 29th, 2016 Posted by Business is ART, Digital Marketing 0 thoughts on “10 Secret Reasons You Will Read This Post”

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Want to know the 10 secret reasons you will read this post? OK, maybe you won’t read all of it, but you’re here now, and chances are you will at least scan it. One reason, we just love lists. Why?

A List of 10 Reasons to List 10 Things

Here are a few reasons:

#1 – Popularity. Everyone does it. This isn’t a new form of advertising. If it didn’t work, the pros and experts would not do it.

#2 – Promise. You see a list as a specific promise from the writer. “Read this and in exchange for your valuable time, here is what you’re going to get in return.”

#3 – Expertise. When you see a list you tend to think the writer must have some level of expertise on the subject matter at hand.

#4 – Sharing. It makes it easy for you to share a post for all of the very same reasons. When you share posts that people in your network or platform are more inclined to read, it gives you credibility as well. They’ll look forward to your next share because they know you share stuff that is meaningful to them, and thus, you saved them search time.

#5 – Scanning. It makes it easy to scan content. We are all in a hurry these days and the more automation available to us, the less patience we have. The ability to scan information keeps us from getting grumpy and inpatient.

#6 – Magic. 10 seems to be a magic number. You rate performances and physical attraction on a scale of 1 to 10. You have top ten lists. 3 or 4 seems like you’re not trying. Personally, I think fewer is better and don’t like forcing a list to 10, but, experts say they have 10 good reasons to say I don’t know what I’m talking about.

#7 – Power. A list puts the power in your hands. As you scan the list you discard the items that don’t resonate with you and latch on to the information you want to consume.

#8 – Exclusivity. You like to be in on a secret or have exclusive information others don’t, so when you see a number of secrets or ways to do something in a list, you join the exclusive club.

#9 – Challenge. A list challenges you to add to the list. You might say to yourself, “These are all OK, but let me tell you another one.” Which lead us to #10.

#10 – More. Add your own secret reason to this list (hint – none of these are really secrets).

Apply Lists to Life and Business

As I say in my book Business is ART, I am a proud member of Less is More University – LIMU, Home of the Fighting Minimalists. So, here are 2 good reasons to make lists of your own in life and in business – not 10, but 2:

  • You will minimize the potential to constantly be in reaction mode
  • You will maximize accomplishments – if for no other reason than you simply didn’t forget to do something

Here’s Another List of 10

This post would not be complete if I did not include a list of the best 10 Business is ART Blog posts that used enumerated lists in the headline. I seem to be stuck on “3” or “4”. Does that make me lazy or a quitter?

Enjoy, and thanks for reading what I told you you would:

  1. 3 Big Reasons Startups Fail
  2. 5 Ways to Provide Excellent Customer Service
  3. 3 Tips to Ensure Success
  4. 5 Steps to Mitigate the Cost of a Data Breach
  5. 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Business
  6. 4 Tools to Make Your Business a Success
  7. 4 Secrets to a Good Meeting
  8. 4 Secrets to Creativity
  9. 5 Ways to Deal With Doubt
  10. 3 Pillars of Behavior

Digital Marketing

November 23rd, 2015 Posted by Business is ART, Business Plan, Digital Marketing, Engagement, Social Media, Strategy 0 thoughts on “Digital Marketing”

The business world from which I came included a marketing model that was effectively this: 1) show up at trade events, 2) have a booth, sponsor cookie breaks and wine/dine clients at industry conventions, 3) wait for an RFP (request for proposal) to come from potential clients and hope they have heard of us when we respond with a proposal and 4) request referrals from existing clients to include (sometimes mandatory) in our proposals.

Prior to this, the phrase “build a platform” meant constructing something from two-by-fours and plywood to put on a stage for the band or choir to perform upon.

Screenshot 2015-11-22 15.48.29I am by far not yet as good at it as I need to be, but I have learned a few lessons along the way:

  • Read/study
  • Content is king
  • Give, give, give ‘til it hurts – then ask
  • Don’t go it alone – hire help
  • Don’t try to be on every platform and don’t try to hop on every new trend (because they come and go so quickly)
  • Beware of the self-proclaimed social media experts (who by my estimation have a ratio of 1000-to-1 wannabees vs. actually talented, knowledgeable, helpful consultants)
  • Don’t ignore digital marketing, no matter your business or size

Although I’ve been at this for some time, I’d say we only began true, honest to-goodness digital marketing within the last month. I’ve yet to learn how what we are doing results in clicks, views and ultimately conversions to sales. Way to early to say. But we have started.

Here is a list of things we are doing, which you might find helpful in developing your own digital marketing campaign, but again, I am by no means an expert:

  • The Weekly See 7 Newsletter
  • Business Is ART blog multiple times per week
  • Personal blog (#significance) once per week (referenced on business blog and visa versa)
  • 3 Facebook posts per week (minimum)
  • Several Twitter posts per day (many predefined and scheduled, others “off-the-cuff”)
  • Frequent Instagram posts
  • Occasional Pinterest posts (I am not convinced this adds value – but it is extremely simple)
  • Weekly LinkedIn posts
  • Weekly online, on-demand talk show segments
  • I experimented a couple of times with Periscope but have not yet committed to it

BlogThere is a whole lot that goes on along with each of those items, like sharing others’ content, developing and making available “freemiums”, etc. but that’s a pretty good laundry list. Sound like a lot? It is. Someday we may have a well-oiled machine but right now we have on our training wheels.

If you haven’t made the dive in to digital marketing or have, but done so ineffectively, I highly encourage you to develop a well-defined strategy. The November 23, 2015 edition of my newsletter The Weekly See 7 is dedicated to digital marketing. Maybe some of the articles referenced there can help you define or refine your own strategy.

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