Are you a startup? Thinking about starting a business? A majority of startups don’t make it past the first few years, crushing dreams and sometimes sending founders into financial ruin – not to mention the strain it can put on relationships.

Starting your own business allows you to define success on your own terms. Planning more than doubles your odds of making it.

We have solutions, including:

  • The Plan Canvas (or Business is ART) Blog
  • The Business Is ART Podcast
  • The Plan Canvas Community, which includes:
    • The Plan Canvas Software to create the painted picture of your new business
    • Access to expert advice
    • Service-based products wrapped around the Plan Canvas software
    • Online Mastermind / Peer Group
  • Coming Soon – the follow-up to Business is ART, specifically for startups, students and beginners. Sign up here to be kept up-to-date on its release/availability.

“Not only is FRW Studios a small business, but also a startup so one of the first tasks was our business plan. After a quick online search, we were brought to Live Campus and we decided to sign up for their trial.

After the initial walkthrough, we realized they didn’t have templates for a design firm and it would be a tougher task than we realized with their software. With so many holes in our business plan, we canceled after the 30-day trial was over and went looking for another solution.

FRW Studios had a chance to sign up to test a new platform, Plan Canvas. From our first-time logging into the dashboard we realized this was going to work for us. Starting with our organization we soon had our strategic plan, business plan and were checking off our action items. This was a big help as our staffing priorities soon changed when we were able to see the final plan.”

Lance and Julie WhiteFRW Studios


Plan Canvas has the tools and resources to get you started on your business journey!

Here at Plan Canvas, we offer the planning and support to turn your business ideas into reality. With our proven system of Articulating, Revising and Tracking (ART), you can greatly improve your chances of success! Click below to see our our full list of products and resources designed specifically to help start-up business just like yours, from blogs and podcasts, to business planning software, let Plan Canvas be your one-stop resource center.

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Compliments of Plan Canvas, here are a few informative articles to get you started.

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Paint the Picture 

Plan Canvas is a community and a powerful software for improving your odds of business success and personal fulfillment.

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