Plan Canvas Functions and Features

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We have something for everyone. Learn more about Plan Canvas subscriptions starting at $15 per month and our consulting services. Anyone can build a plan – only the best can strategically manage it.

Plan Canvas Features and Functions

Identify and track:

  • Vision, Mission, Purpose
  • Basic information about your business
  • Your definition of success
    • Goals
    • Objectives
    • Initiatives (Internal Project Portfolio Management)
    • Actions
    • Client Project Portfolio Management

Formal, documented plans (export to PDF):

  • Strategic Plan
  • Business Plan
  • Personal Plan

Push and pull information:

  • Automated email and calendar notifications
    • Anything with a due date
    • To the plan administration or individual assigned to the item
    • Upon creation/assignment
    • 7 days prior to due
    • 1 day prior to due
    • Past due
  • Dashboard
    • Plan completeness
    • Items coming or past due
  • Progress reports (export to Excel)
    • Goals
    • Objectives
    • Initiatives
    • Actions
    • Client Projects

Plan Canvas is a community and a powerful software for improving your odds of business success and personal fulfillment.

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