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Your Irresistible Value

September 26th, 2017 Posted by Behavior, Blog Post, Engagement 0 thoughts on “Your Irresistible Value”
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On last week’s Business is ART podcast on the TrueChat Network, marketing and customer relationship expert Keri Vandongen (Earn Loyal Customers) was the guest. The episode was entitled “Defining Your Purpose”, but something like “Your Irresistible Value” may have been more appropriate.

Are you more engaged in your customers than they are in you?

Keri shared with listeners how when she used to provide counsel to clients, she may have felt a connection to them, but they weren’t necessarily feeling a connection to her in return.

So, in order to maintain enough clients to sustain her practice, she found herself doing more and more for less and less – until it dawned on her that this wasn’t a sustainable model. More importantly, she realized it wasn’t really what clients wanted either.

That’s when she began focusing on what it means to earn loyal and engaged customers.

Mandatory Simon Sinek

Keri’s journey included the mandatory stop in “Simon Sinek Land”, where we are encouraged to “start with why”. Why do you do what you do? Why should anyone care?

Coming to this core understanding is an important step, but Keri’s journey doesn’t end there. She takes it further, encouraging you to determine what your gift is. What is it about you that attracts customers to you? Keri calls this your irresistible value, or your “IV line.”

What is that special something that you have to offer? In previous posts, we talked about how your story is your brand DNA. Sharing your story can enhance customer experience but it isn’t necessarily your gift.

Don’t Just Say It

But it isn’t enough to say it – you have to show it. On the show, this was compared to walking around with freshly baked cookies, handing them out to people not because you want something in return, but just because you want them to enjoy a delicious cookie that you made from scratch. Their satisfaction is your satisfaction.

Starting with why, telling your story and understanding your gift are all part of the same package…that same core level of understanding not just who you are (or who your business is) but what makes it special, and why that is beneficial to the customer.

What is your gift? Keri provided listeners to the podcast with a link to a PDF document she put together that can help you get started. Click here to access it.

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