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January 25th, 2016 Posted by Business is ART, Business Plan, CEO, Engagement, Entrepreneur, Strategy, Vision 0 thoughts on “Rebranding”
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Rebranding and branding have been on my mind a lot lately. With a book, an online radio show, some new services and a lot more definition around what I do as a consultant, it’s a valid concern. I started independent consulting as SeaSeven LLC and used an online service to generate a logo, just to get something up and running without a lot of investment.

The Questions

A few months ago, I removed that logo from my website and any new marketing materials. Instead, the website now reads “Jon Umstead – doing business as SeaSeven LLC.” Is there any point continuing that practice of identifying myself? I’ll maintain the LLC for legal and contract purposes, potentially with a name change, but do I need to advertise it?

And what about the software I plan to release this year? It’s based off of the process and templates defined in Business is ART, but is it the Business is ART Software, BIA Software, or does it get a name all to itself unrelated to the title of the book that gave birth to it?

Seems Like All the Cool Kids Are Doing It

So many considerations when it comes to branding and rebranding, and I am certainly not alone. Almost all of the members of the CEO/Business Owner mastermind group I facilitate are at least giving it thought. Every day you read about another well known brand going through a rebranding effort, including complete name changes.

Just as the continual changes in everything that surrounds us drives us to require a constantly evolving strategic plan, it also drives us to continually ask “Do I have the right brand strategy?”

Do you?

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